Refugee Week 2024

Refugee Week 2024

The official banner for Refugee Week 2024.

Today, 20th June 2024, marks World Refugee Day. This falls within Refugee Week (17-23 June). Refugee Week is the world’s largest arts and culture festival celebrating the contributions, creativity and resilience of refugees and people seeking sanctuary. This year, the theme is ‘Our Home’. Home can be a place of refuge, a feeling or a state of mind. This year’s theme asks people to reflect on what would happen if we extended our warmth and hospitality beyond our own homes and our whole society more welcoming. 

For members of our community, every day is a complex maze of anti-migrant rules and enforcement. Many are denied the most basic things – the things which make life dignified – including healthcare, family life and the right to work. They are also often denied access to a safe home. Refugees are faced with a dangerous profit-driven housing system, which leaves many in unsafe and unfit homes. From hotels, to military bases, to privately owned barges, they are subjected to an inhumane system which strips them of their dignity and leaves them segregated from wider society.

We believe everyone deserves safety; everyone deserves a home. 

This World Refugee Week, we are proud to be members of the Together With Refugees coalition. Together With Refugees calls for a new plan for refugees – one which is just, dignified and safe. You can learn more about Together With Refugees and Refugee Week here, including details of how you can add your voice to these calls for change.

At Thread Ahead, dignity is the core value at the heart of all of our service design. We relieve urgent, practical needs while offering dignified, empowering experiences to all visitors. We want everyone who comes to our events to feel as though they are in an ordinary clothes shop and to leave with items they really love wearing, because we know that what we wear can have a huge impact on how we feel. You can learn more about how Thread Ahead works here.

“Each time I have the opportunity to come and receive from Thread Ahead, we are treated with respect & my dignity is preserved, the same service you receive when you go to a store to buy things is the same service (positive manners) that we all receive.”

O.O., 2024 Thread Ahead Visitor

A woman visiting a Thread Ahead event takes a pair of dungarees off a clothes hanger.