The Whole Package


In June 2022 there were 117,945 people awaiting an initial decision on their asylum claim. 72% have been waiting for more than 6 months. People waiting for a decision on their asylum claim are banned from working & are provided with just £5.85 per day to cover the costs of their basic necessities.* Thread Ahead tackles two issues: a lack of sustainability in the fashion industry & poor access to quality clothing faced by refugees and asylum seekers. We provide brand new clothes & toiletries which would otherwise go be incinerated or go to landfill & redirect them to refugees in need. This gift covers the costs associated with running one of our events, providing 200 refugees & asylum seekers with brand new clothes & toiletries.


When you purchase this gift, you will receive a printable PDF card (pictured), featuring an illustration by artist Sophia Potter (IG: @sophiadpotter_art).