23/24 Impact

visitors with insecure immigration status
items saved from waste
brand partners
kilograms of CO2 emissions prevented

Case study: A suit for prom

Thread Ahead was contacted by a Youth Worker from the Refugee Council on behalf of S, a 16-year-old boy who was seeking asylum in the UK with his mother. S and his mother were living in a Home Office hotel and had very limited access to new clothes, particularly smarter items. S desperately wanted to attend his Year 11 prom but was unable to do so without a suit. Thread Ahead were able to provide S with a brand new, high-quality suit, which meant he could attend his prom with confidence, knowing that he looked the part.


His Youth Worker told us: Thank you, Thread Ahead, for making it possible for our young person to attend their prom with a wonderful new suit! Your donation has helped promote equal opportunities in education. Men’s smart clothing is hard to find but so needed to support asylum seekers and refugees in education and employment.

I would like to thank Thread Ahead for every step they take to make sure that everyone who comes to this beautiful event goes home with a smile on their face, for all they do to help us feel that we are all human, that we deserve a better future just like everyone else. ... It feels so emotional to finally be somewhere and meet people who treat us like family. Especially when we are far away from our families and friends.

Case study: Tote bags by Benita

In addition to providing items, Thread Ahead works with brand partners to offer its visitors wider access to the fashion and creative industries. For example, one young visitor and volunteer, Benita, told Thread Ahead that she wants to pursue fashion and design. Thread Ahead facilitated a workshop with a designer from a partner brand, BPM. Together, they created a design which expressed what Thread Ahead meant to Benita: dignity, community and solidarity. Their design was printed on sustainably sourced tote bags, which were sold to fundraise for Thread Ahead. We were able to offer Benita useful experience, which she could list on applications and her CV, while also centering a voice from the community when talking about what we do.


Benita told us: For me, this design means love, understanding, trust, support, everything.

Thread Ahead tackles two issues: pollution caused by the fashion industry and poor access to quality clothing faced by refugees and asylum seekers. We redirect brand new clothes away from incineration or landfill, offering them to people with insecure immigration status at pop-up events.