A sustainable solution for your surplus stock

Donating overstock to us reduces post-production waste. Whether that is due to production faults, customer returns, archive collections, minor faults, or just a warehouse clear out, we can give these items a new life. We add longevity to the life of items and report back to you with the number of items saved from waste at each event, and over the entire course of our partnership. We know that consumers are increasingly concerned with the sustainability policies of the brands they shop from and we can help you communicate the steps you’ve taken to both reduce waste and stand in solidarity with refugees by partnering with Thread Ahead.


If you are interested in making a financial contribution to our work, we can outline where your donation will be spent and how it will support our work. If you would like more information regarding corporate donations and how we use them, please get in touch. All cash donations to Thread Ahead are tax deductible. If you would like to discuss the potential for financial donations or any other forms of corporate partnership with Thread Ahead, including corporate volunteering days, please get in touch.