Brand new clothes for anyone with insecure immigration status

Thread Ahead tackles two issues: a lack of sustainability in the fashion industry and poor access to quality clothing faced by refugees and asylum seekers. We provide brand new clothes which would otherwise go to waste, and redirect them to those in need.

In June 2022 there were 117,945 people awaiting an initial decision on their asylum claim. 72% have been waiting for more than 6 months. People seeking asylum are banned from working and are provided with less than £6 per day from the Government to cover the costs of their basic necessities.*



The fashion industry is the world's second largest polluter. We seek to address one aspect of this by redistributing clothes fairly, saving them from incineration or landfill. Our work is underpinned by a desire to support brands reducing waste by redirecting surplus stock and sample pieces to people in urgent need.


Dignity, for us, means running services which are community-led and provide outcomes beyond the relief of immediate needs alone. We hope to relieve urgent, practical needs while also offering dignified and empowering experiences for all visitors. We want everyone to leave our events with items they really love.


Recognising that the UK border regime enacts violence in many varied ways, we build inclusive spaces for all people with insecure immigration status. Our events should feel safe and welcoming to everyone, regardless of country of origin, age, gender, race, ethnicity, sexuality, religion or disability.