Brand new* clothes for refugees

*Not nearly new, not new to us, but unworn and direct from brands


The fashion industry is the world's second largest polluter. Many brands are sending vast amounts of product to landfill or incineration. We work with brands to divert as much of this waste as possible towards refugees in need.


We run pop-up events where everything is brand new, high quality and free. The items at our events may be samples, excess stock, customer returns, left over from previous season or have (very) minor faults.


What we wear impacts how we feel. Instead of focusing on the relief of immediate need alone, we offer a range of clothes, accessories and toiletries. We believe in dignity and want our visitors to find items they really love.

Do you have insecure immigration status?

Do you work for a brand?

Thread Ahead provides brand new clothing, toiletries and accessories to refugees and asylum seekers in London for free. We offer more than just the essentials, with plenty of options available so everyone can choose items they love. This not only benefits our community, but also increases sustainability in the fashion industry.